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Health & Safety Consultants based in Belfast

Lagom Safety Ltd are a health and safety training and consultancy business based in Belfast. We conduct work all over the Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and UK.

Lagom Safety are professional consultants based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, who hold Chartered membership of IOSH and numerous qualifications in Health, Safety and Fire.

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"Lagom Safety Ltd assisted us to implement Safe T Cert within our business. We continue to retain the services of Lagom Safety Ltd as they provide clear advice and solutions to any challenges we may face. A professional company and I would recommend."

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Lagom Safety Ltd based in Belfast, Northern Ireland are Health and Safety Consultants who specialise in health and safety compliance and risk management. We can provide you with practical and effective consultancy services that enable you to understand how to address your risk and safety compliance concerns.

We want to make it easier for business owners to deal with the responsibilities of running a business. Keeping your business, employees and customers safe is one of those responsibilities and keeping up to date with changes to health and safety legislation can be a challenge.

Whether you need a solution to a specific task, or a health and safety audit, or support with a longer-term project, we can help.

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At Lagom Safety we believe in delivering the right amount of health and safety to reflect the needs of your business. We are Health and Safety specialists based in Belfast, who have a full understanding of legislation, regulations and best practice. You are not a sales figure or a target. I’m a fully insured practitioner with experience in various industries such as Manufacturing, Construction, Retail, Hospitality, Healthcare, Education and more.

Complying with health and safety legislation remains one of the most important responsibilities of any business. Failure to implement the right worker protections can lead to workplace injuries and lead to hefty fines or even imprisonment for those responsible. I understand the importance of protecting your employees, your customers and your business.

Nothing brings peace of mind like the knowledge your organisation is doing things the right way. Lagom Safety Ltd provide full assurance that your processes are suitable and compliant, so you can cut out the guesswork.

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Health and Safety Consultancy
Fire Risk Assessments
Safe T Cert / SSIP
Display Screen Equipment (DSE / VDU)
Health and Safety Training Courses
PAT Testing

You have a legal duty under the Health and Safety at Work Order (NI) 1978 to ensure that you have competent Health and Safety support. All employers must ensure that people are safe during their business activities, and that all employees have a proportionate level of health and safety understanding.

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The responsible person of a non-domestic premise is legally required to conduct a fire risk assessment and review it on a periodic basis. Fire Risk Assessments must include measures to reduce or eliminate fire and identify persons at risk.

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Lagom Safety Ltd are SSIP Assessors and can assist you in the process to attain third party certification, or alternatively we can conduct an audit to determine compliance with the scheme.

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When using DSE (or VDU as its commonly referred to), the risks to our health are not immediately obvious. The human body did not evolve to spend long periods of time working in a fixed position. If ignored, small aches and pains can lead to more serious health conditions, such as tendinitis and carpal tunnel syndrome.

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By training and educating your workforce you are improving knowledge and skills, reducing risk, increasing productivity and overall creating and sustaining a happier and healthier workforce. Training your workforce is meeting your legal obligation to protect employees and those who come under your control.

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Portable appliance testing (PAT) describes the routine examination of electrical appliances and equipment to ensure they are safe to use.

As an employer (even landlords) and under legislation you are required to take reasonable precautions to ensure that any electrical equipment provided for use is kept in a safe condition.

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Retention of Services/External Safety Advisor Scheme
The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations (NI) 2000 requires employers to appoint one or more competent person to provide advice and guidance to the company on Health and Safety matters. Most SMEs do not have the necessary resources to employ a full time safety advisor. This service allows your company to comply […]

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Employers have a duty to protect employees from the health risks of working with Display Screen Equipment (DSE/VDU).
Do not wait until employees start reporting work related aches, pains, fatigue and eye strain. Lagom Safety Ltd have created a brief training document, DSE 101, to help you understand what you need to do to manager employees who use DSE/VDU as part of their normal work.

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Lagom Safety Ltd – what does Lagom mean?
Lagom is a Swedish word meaning ‘just the right amount’. This can also be translated into balance, moderation, just enough, suitable. The business name reflects what we will do in order to support your business. I will provide your business with the right amount of health and safety documentation/support in order to make your business […]

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Whether you need a solution to a specific task, or a health and safety audit, or support with a longer-term project, we can help.


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