The responsible person of a non-domestic premise (Employer, Owner or Occupier) is legally required to conduct a fire risk assessment and review it on a periodic basis. Fire Risk Assessments must include measures to reduce or eliminate fire and identify persons at risk. This must be recorded where there are five or more employees. 

There are five steps to carrying out a Fire Risk Assessment:

Identify the hazards

Identify the people at risk 

Evaluate the risk

Record your findings

Review and Update

The following are some of the areas you will need to consider:

the use of the building

shared premises

fire detection and warning systems

emergency routes

fire doors

fire-fighting equipment

who uses the building

staff training

information and instruction

If you do not have the time or you feel you are not confident in conducting fire risk assessments, Lagom Safety Ltd can help.  We hold AiFireE membership of The Institution of Fire Engineers.

We conduct fire risk assessments in Northern Ireland for Social Housing and other sleeping accommodation; Commercial properties, Educational Premises; Offices & Shops;  Factories & Warehouses.

Lagom Safety Ltd also offer Fire Safety Training to support your business in managing the fire risk to your business.

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